1953 mg td specs

In this section we delve deep into what was original on the MGTD. First and foremost is a detailed list of the finishes of the TD, by color and type. Next we dive into those pesky little details that are easily overlooked and sometimes so hard to get right.

1953 MG TD Technical Specifications and Dimensions

I have created a list of MGTD replacement parts and how well they adhere to the original specifications. If your etched parts are missing or in need of repair the plates and etchings pages are for you. For those into esoteria, we have the original bolt and nuts pages. This should keep you up at night.

For those of you who don't have your Workshop Manual handy I have reproduced the General Data pages with the specifications and measurements. The original firewall layout is provided here. Finally, we take a look at an original set of tools. Most original MGTD owners discarded these immediately due to the fact that they were next to worthless.

I also provide information on how you can create your own original type tool roll.

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A page of MG wiring colour codes is provided by Barrie Jones. A section on miscellaneous details such as codes for Lucas spotlamps is included. The following items are the hardest to achieve for a person who is trying to create an absolutely original car.

In a Concours d'Elegance these would be the items that could differentiate two winning cars. Some of these items will most likely be impossible to achieve but they are interesting goals to pursue if you want the ultimate in originality. These pages contain a partial list of MGTD replacement parts and how original they are. I list the part name, my grade point for originality, the vendor part number and name, and finally any comments. If your TD, like most others, has been refinished a number of times some of the little details may have been lost.

In fact you may not even know they exist unless you have compared your car to another. The details I refer to in this section are found in the form of plates, etchings, emblems and decals. These decals and etchings were part of plates from the MG Car Company or their suppliers. Some of these are available as replacement parts and offer good substitutes.Get Financing.

The traditional MG: Light, quick, with cut-down doors and flowing fenders, and that upright MG grille up front. Evolution was slow at The MG Car Company, but there's a reason why cars like this TD were brought home by the hundreds by GIs returning from Europe, and why they remain wildly popular today. The look is pure pre-war, with separate fenders and a long hood, but the energetic handling and performance were quite contemporary. The body construction was traditional, but that also means that it's light and easy to repair, and this one shows no signs of serious damage or the MG's arch-nemesis, rust.

It shows only a few light signs of use, of course, but the overall presentation is what endears MGs to their legions of fans. Of course, things like the chrome grille, stand-alone headlights, and simple bumpers give it an old-fashioned look, and they're all in excellent shape. Inside the diminutive cabin, there's adequate room for two, and once you settle into the low-slung bucket seats and assume the proper driving position, you'll find it's easy to spend hours behind the wheel without fatigue.

Well, maybe your cheeks will be hurting from grinning so much, but the driving experience is involving without being exhausting.

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The comfortable seats have been properly reupholstered in pleated brown, which matches the door panels that offer useful storage pockets. The lovely dashboard is genuine wood, not a veneer, and houses a full array of Jaeger instruments that are all-original and have a truly British look.

The three spoke, banjo-style steering wheel is still the universal symbol for sports car, and has been restored to a high level, and the carpets below are plush and in great shape. And since MG lovers are serious about their cars, this one offers a brand-new matching black canvas convertible top as weather protection, which quickly separates the men from the boys, along with side windows, and the spare tire out back has a new cover too.

The whole point of an MG isn't brute power, but they're plenty peppy with the cc inline-four, and it has a wonderful baritone exhaust note that's half the experience.

Recently maintained and ready for the road and this one really is a wonderful runner, firing up easily through dual side-draft carburetors. The whole engine is scarcely bigger than a briefcase, but all the parts are easy to get at and maintain, which is why MGs are so beloved today. The chassis is a simple ladder frame, and as I mentioned before, there's zero rust or rot underneath, just a neatly detailed undercarriage that shows how well this MG has lived, because it's very, very clean.

Stock steel wheels with chrome hubcaps look right and wear appropriately tall 5. One drive and you'll see why it's so easy to love an MG, and this TD delivers that old-world fun with the benefits of a lot of recent work behind it.

Call us today! Cars MG TD. Mileage Engine Doors 2. Transmission Manual. Make MG. Model TD TD Title Status Exterior Color Tan. Interior Color Brown. Read More Read Less.

1953 mg td specs

Full Name. Email Address.Get Financing. No other car gets you in-touch with the vintage motoring experience quite like a vintage MG. This MG TD has a strong and smooth running nature that makes you feel ready to take the long way home today.

MG TD TF 1500 Cylinder Head - Installation BBS discussion at MG-Cars.info

An MG TD has that ideal kind of feeling that immediately reminds you of the era of coach-built cars. Even as you look at the undercarriage photos, you see the ash wood panels that support this craftsman's car. While you'll love looking under the car, you'll also get that same source of pride just looking straight at it.

The long flowing fenders and low cut doors are pure traditional motoring. And this has all the right touches that make it ready for the open road, including a full-size spare mounted on the back, a luggage rack, and British motoring badges and fog lights ahead of the iconic MG waterfall grille. These were built to be open to the world, but in case you do need some cover from the weather, the tasteful tan folding roof makes a nice companion to the red paint.

Inside is more of that pure motoring spirit with a craftsman's touch. The seat has a classic look and a great vintage leather feel. It even has the nice little extras, like the MG grab handles and a tool kit behind the seat. Press the start button, and then the wind whips through the interior while you help fill it with the wonderful soundtrack from the motor.

You'll love the classic premium feeling as you grab the banjo-style steering wheel and watch the Jaeger tach dance with every shift of the gears. The engine is a cc inline-four, and it helps the car really shine. It's an overhead valve unit with twin SU carburetors.

1953 mg td specs

There was a more recent investment in newer items, including the plug wires, cap, and hoses. And the way this tidy engine fires up readily reaffirms its quality care. The motor was built for you to go out and row through the gears of the four-speed transmission and get the most out of this little motor.

Just like the legs on a little dog, the MG's engine has a peppy attitude that's happiest when it's kicking just about as fast as it can. The light body weight and independent front suspension all contribute to this sporting attitude. But to get the most fun out of this roadster, it requires you.

That's what makes these MGs so popular: you are connected with the machine. Complete with owner's manual, it's tough to deny yourself this classic fun when it's this affordable. So if you're looking for a driver's classic, don't miss this MG. Call today!!! Cars MG TD. Mileage Engine Doors 2. Transmission Manual. Make MG. Model TD TD During our 25 years of specializing in European sports cars, we are proud to acknowledge that we have had more MG cars than we can count.

British cars have been on display. While the car was in nice condition when he acquired it, he has made significant cosmetic and mechanical improvements including a recently totally rebuilt engine and installation of an update 5-speed transmission original gearbox included to improve the drivability and usability of the TD. The MG is totally turn-key and needs absolutely nothing to be used as a classic British sports car for cruises, weekend use, or proud display at local shows.

And, as an added benefit, the cars timeless styling turns heads everywhere you go. This car was purchased by the current owner approximately 5 years ago and has been continually improved ever since. Highlights of recent repairs, cosmetic improvements and upgrades include:. This MGTD is titled as a probably as a result of it being sold by the dealer in and, as was common practice in the day, titled in the year delivered, not the year produced as no MGTD were manufactured past August, Finally, all of the numbers on the data plates, and the plates themselves have the appearance of being original, and unmodified.

Many believe there is only one color for a classic MGTD…. British Racing Green! This spectacular MGTD received a high quality, complete paint work several years ago, and has seen little use since. It is truly in excellent condition and any imperfections require a close, critical inspection to be noticed. The beige canvas tonneau cover and top are new as are the side curtains.

All chrome and trim is excellent and very good, particularly both bumpers. The underside is California clean and supports that the car has not seen rain since restoration.

MG TD Body Build

The fender wells are painted matching red. The engine bay is very clean and attractive with a few chromed accents and the properly painted red painted block. It starts immediately when cold and equally as well once it is fully warmed up. Perhaps most important, the 5 speeds provide for considerably increased low and top end along with the pleasure of having a fully syncromesh gearbox including first gear.

Additionally, there is no unusual noise in the drive-line including the rear end, engine, brakes, and other components. The MGTD does not pull to the left or right, or exhibit any drivability issues.

1953 mg td specs

MG enthusiasts will notice that the instrumentation is MG is period correct. The MG runs at normal operating temperature with no indication of overheating. The other gauges are fully functional speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, ammeter as are the lights, horn and the turn signals. The MG runs cool even in warm Northern California temperatures partly as a result of the restored cooling system. The car is totally sorted, usable at highway speeds and, personally, we would not hesitate to take it on a long and enjoyable journey.

The MG is perhaps the most mechanically solid example that we can remember owning showing no signs of unusual engine noises, smoking, or other issues. Uncharacteristically, the car sits for prolonged periods of time with only minor minimal oil drips characteristic of this vintage British vehicle. In response, Syd Enever and Alec Hounslow took two weeks in to strip a four-seat Y-Type Tourer and shorten the chassis five inches.

Just like that, the MG TD roadster was born. The TD also carried a few modifications aimed at the U. Specifically, left-hand drive was offered, along with rack-and-pinion steering, smaller, inch steel disc wheels no wire wheels were offeredand larger bumpers. In turn, the car was wider and pounds heavier than the TC. In the middle ofthe TD received a new engine block and sump, as well as a larger clutch and a new flywheel, and this iteration is now commonly referred to as the TD2.

Its mechanicals are robust and mostly easy to source, which makes ownership relatively straightforward. Skip to content.

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Specifications: VIN: Share with a friend: Facebook.Here are some period MGTD sales brochures and literature. Select each image for a larger view. An original booklet published by MG, the purpose being to show in picture form, the celebrated MG demonstrating Safety Fast in action.

Twenty pages including photos and records of Lt. Goldie Gardner's record breaking MG. Circa Fall of No official MG publication number.

Note the ring binder holes were put in by a previous owner. Decrose Bruxelles, Ref. A set of covers and a peak inside of some TD brochures on the hood of a TD. Two sided card from 's. Date unknown. Size is 8. On the back page are the specifications. This is a 3 color, 9 panel fold-out sales piece.

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One of the very earliest sales pieces featuring the TD. NEL This is a full color 8 panel fold-out sales piece. Front cover number reads: Pub. NEL A. CA April Pages 6 and 7 in the center of the brochure.

Pages 4 and 5 Blank page inside cover. Image is full sized so it can be read. Page Blank back page. Most of this brochure is devoted to the new TD. Note the brochure announced the color change from Clipper Blue to Silver Streak Gray as one of the color options. This was a 24 page brochure produced by Nuffield for the New York Show in The show was an alternative to the New York Detroit based automobile show and featured import cars only.

This copy was handed out by Clarence Talley Auto Co. A story about Nuffield. A summary of the Val d'Isere ski trip with the TD. The "Y" type. The Morris sedan.Remember Me? Cars by brand Cars by country Prototypes Last updated. Forums index Automotive forums General forums New posts.

Tour Auto. Two new coachbuilt Vengined Ferraris Nissan Z preview, updated Ferrari Portofino and supercars headed for auction Ferrari's 1,th F1 race celebration with two pivotal examples Mid-engined Maserati MC20 revealed Events Multimedia Gaming Miscellaneous Website discussion. MG TD. The TD was basically a updated TC and resembled its predecessor but it now featured independent front suspension.

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Car Specifications - MG TD

Add your comments on the MG TD. Cars by brand. Cars by country. Last updated. Racing Cars. Formula 1. Single Seaters. Sports Cars. Rally Cars.Although the design was similar to contemporary cars of the s, it came to be considered outdated by the s. The previous advanced overhead-cam inline-four engine was by then not in use by any other production car so it was replaced by the MPJG OHV unit from the Wolseley 10but with twin SU carburettors, modified camshaft and manifolding.

The four-speed manual gearbox now had synchromesh on the two top ratios and was connected to the engine by a cork-faced clutch running in oil. Like the PB, most were two-seat open cars with a steel body on an ash frame.

A bench-type seat was fitted with storage space behind. When first introduced the model was known as the T Type and only after the advent of the TB did the TA designation come into use. Wind-up windows were fitted to the higher topped doors making the car more weathertight and individual bucket seats used in the fully carpeted interior.

Complete chassis were fitted with a very basic body at the Abingdon factory and driven to Newport Pagnell to have their coachwork fitted. The oil-immersed clutch was also replaced by a dry-plate type and gear ratios revised.

The TC is quite accurately well known as the specific car that caused the Sport Car "craze" in America. The makers also provided information for several alternative stages of tuning for "specific purposes". Notable improvement was through the addition of a hydraulically oil pressure adjusted timing chain tensioner. All TCs utilized a single battery 12 volt electrical system. All TCs came with 19" Dunlop wire wheels.

Automatic mechanical timing advance was built into the ignition distributor. It was exported to the United States, even though the car was only ever built in right-hand drive. The overall car width remained the same resulting in narrower running boards with two tread strips as opposed to the previous three. The TD Midget announced in January [9] combined the TC's drivetrain, a modified hypoid -geared rear axle, the MG Y-type chassis, a familiar T-type style body and independent suspension on front axle using coil springs from the MG Y-type saloon: a road-test report described as "most striking" the resulting "transformation It was seen by enthusiasts at the time as a disappointment, mild and "not a sports car".

For the driver the "all-weather protection" was good by the standards of the time. The higher compression ratio engine was offered with export markets in mind, and would not have been suitable for the UK, where thanks to the continued operation of wartime fuel restrictions, buyers were still limited to 72 octane " pool petrol ".

Nearly 30, TDs had been produced, including about Mk II models, when the series ended in with all but exported, 23, of them to the US alone. Also, they had minor complaints over the lack of water temperature and fuel gauges. A fuel consumption of The TF Midget, launched on 15 October[13] was a facelifted TD, fitted with the TD Mark II engine, headlights faired into the fenders, a sloping radiator grille concealing a separate radiator, and a new pressurised cooling system along with a simulated external radiator cap.

In mid the engine capacity was increased by 17 per cent to cc and designated XPEG. The car was designated TF, and externally distinguished by a cream background enamel nameplate on both sides of the bonnet, placed just to the rear of the forward bonnet-release buttons.

Production ended at chassis number TF on 4 April after 9, TFs had been manufactured, including two prototypes and 3, TFs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

TAwww. Practical Motorist. April Rochester, United Kingdom: Grange Books. The Motor. Midget Car".

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